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Kemaskini Pada: 14 Dis 2019
Versi 8.2.2
Piagam PelangganPiagam Pelanggan
1. Ensure all Assembly and Committee Term Meetings of the House are conducted as stipulated in the State Constitution and the State Legislature’s Standing Order within the next six (6) months after the last Meetings;


Upload Unedited Daily Hansards on DUN Website and hardcopy of the Unedited Hansards be laid on the Assembly Hon. Members’ table before 9.00 am of the following day;


Reports prepared for Public Account Committee (PAC), Special Select Committee and Term Committees to be tabled in Assembly Meeting within the year;


Submit rulings of Bills tabled passed during the Assembly Meeting to His Excellency the Governor of Sarawak for assent within seven (7) working days after the meeting ends; and


Processing complete documents for allowances, benefits, claims, remunerations, gratuities, pensions/derivative pensions for Hon. Members, former Hon. Members and former Political Secretaries within ten (10) working days.