Established on the 8th of September 1867, Sarawak State Legislative Assembly (DUNS) is the oldest State Legislative Assembly in Malaysia. DUNS currently have a total of 82 State Assemblymen, making it the largest Legislature in the country.

DUNS aspires to be the leading legislature and institution in a nation that practices the principles of democracy where the people have an absolute voice to determine the Government. As a meeting point for all elected representatives in the democratic process, the DUNS acts as the official mediator between the authorities and the people.

The State Constitution provides that the State Assembly to convene its sitting once every six months, as neither tax nor expenditure shall be imposed on the State Consolidated Fund unless approved by the Assembly. All laws passed or enacted by the Sarawak   Legislative Assembly are referred to as Ordinance.

The DUNS administration and management has 35 personnels under the leadership of the Secretary and stewardship of the Honorable Speaker. The Speaker is the presiding officer of Sarawak State Legislative Assembly who is by parliamentary tradition is the guardian of its privileges and its representative on all official occasions.